Making 'Always On' physician-patient engagement a reality in APAC
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Making ‘Always On’ physician-patient engagement a reality in APAC

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The modern healthcare customer journey has become increasingly complex. We live in an age where people are always connected, expect personalised engagement that fits their lifestyle and experience, and these expectations are no different within the healthcare landscape. In order to deliver a seamless experience to customers, the health industry is fast recognising that it must embrace the shift towards customer-centricity and engage with the latest responsive technology to deliver their needs cost effectively. What proprietary technology has to offer is a rich layer of audience insight, completely anonymised and able to track behaviours/channels/ influences in ways never before possible. The door is open to precisely target and verify media exposure to a defined list of healthcare professionals, and this is what is now attracting more and more attention.

WPP Singapore, along with our technology partner Sqreem, would like to invite you to participate in a workshop on how our industry is evolving, the face of the millennial HCP/patient ecosystem, using data and analytics to predict brand spending Retutn On Investment (ROI), bespoke research on the impact of inertia in healthcare, and tools to support decisions and healthy outcomes. We will also share a cutting-edge design system to help reach targeted patients & professionals online. With a mix of cross industry attendees this event promises to be productive and informative, and will help enlighten and assist you in making informed brand decisions.

We hope you can join us and your peers for this event.

Team WPP

Date: 16 November 2017 | Time: 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Venue: The Arena@Ogilvy — 71 Robinson Rd #07-01